GCB Masthead
About the GCB The Center for Genetic Disorders of Cognition & Behavior (GCB) at the Kennedy Krieger Institute is the natural outgrowth of both long-term research efforts at the Institute and the integrated work of clinicians from different disciplines on behalf of children with severe cognitive and behavioral problems. Our view is that research on disorders under the traditional label of intellectual disability (previously known as "mental retardation") will benefit from comprehensive characterizations of various aspects of affected subjects by specialists in pediatrics, neurology, psychology, psychiatry, and other related clinical disciplines. These detailed evaluations need to be complemented with studies in two areas of considerable recent advances, genetics/gene expression and neuroimaging, and with other molecular, biochemical, and neurologic approaches. A third critical component is the integration of patient-based studies with data from experimental models of these cognitive and behavioral disorders. Experimental models include cell lines derived from patients and genetically-manipulated cells and animals. Bench and imaging research strategies bring to the Center scientists from disciplines such as molecular biology and neuroscience. In addition to the vertical multidisciplinary integration within each disorder, the Center conducts horizontal across-disorders comparative analyses. An example of this integrative work is our effort on delineating autistic behavior in Down, fragile X, and Rett syndromes.

The GCBs headquarters are located at the brand new Clinical Research Center building of the Kennedy Krieger Institute, where the Department of Psychiatry is also based. The laboratory component of the GCB is located at the main (Broadway) building of the Institute, which also houses related facilities such as the F.M. Kirby Research Center for Functional Brain Imaging and the Molecular Biology Core of the General Clinical Research Center (G.C.R.C.).